Monday, July 16

I had to check the calendar to even know what day it is! We had a long weekend. Cecylia is healing from surgery… It has been very hard and painful for her.  Friday night was crazy and she almost ended up in the PICU.  The doctors were able to get her fever, heartrate, and breathing under control so she could stay in her own room.  The rest of the time we have been trying to get her up and moving.  It is going very slowly.  We are pushing her and she is trying her very best.  She asked to go to the playroom with her sister yesterday.  She would only go if I carried her, so Jeff wheeled us down in a wheelchair.  She slept the rest of the day, but we did make her take about 4 or 5 steps yesterday! Today, we are hoping the pathology results come in with good news as to what kind of Wilms tumor this is, and we can get started with her treatment and start shrinking this cancer away!

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