Tuesday, July 24

Just as I was sitting down to write about Cecylia’s second chemo treatment today, she woke up from her nap with a fever. So, we are back at Beaumont. They are checking to make sure she doesn’t have an infection anywhere. She saw her surgeon today, and things with her incision look good. She saw the oncologist for her chemo. The numbing cream worked great and she didn’t even know that they had finished accessing her port. She was very nervous to have it done, but when they did it she asked, “Is that it?”. Her bloodwork at the oncologist’s office looked good. All of her different levels were fine. So, that part of the day went well. We took her to Ray’s Ice Cream for a treat and then home for a nap. When she woke up, her fever was 101.5, so we had to be admitted. We are stuck here for 48 hours in order to make sure she doesn’t have a bacteria. Now, we are back to be separated as a family. Please pray that Cecylia does not have a bad infection. Just hoping that this is a small bump in the road. Her fever is already gone after taking Tylenol and they have started her on antibiotics. Please also pray for Ainsley, she seems to be taking everything really well… I just worry and miss being with her all the time. The last two nights at home as a family were wonderful and we just want to be all together again!
I also want to thank everyone for their well wishes, meals, cards, etc. The girls have both been getting cards from friends and some “secret pals” and it makes them both so happy!

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