Wednesday, July 25

Cecylia is still struggling with fevers. It got pretty high today (104+). So, needless to say, she isn’t feeling that well. Today was hard for Jeff and I too, (well our whole family too) because it is a bummer to see her with such little energy. We are praying her fevers get under control and she gets some kind of an appetite back. She is just not interested in eating. I spoke to a dietician today and was able to order some yummy shakes and puddings. Cecylia wasn’t interested in them today, but I am hopeful that when she feels a little better that these supplements will help to keep her weight up. I tried them just to see what they taste like and they were really good. Ainsley still comes to the hospital everyday, and she just has a blast!?! She plays in the playroom and does all the arts and crafts activities. She usually whines when she has to go home. At first, I think it was because she missed not having the family together, but now I think she just has a lot of fun here and isn’t always ready to leave :)  We did get Cecylia to the playroom earlier today, when her fever was under control for a little bit. Ainsley even helped to push the IV pole for her sister.
As always, I want to thank you all for the continued support. It really makes a huge difference for our whole family. Keep your prayers and positive energy heading our way!
I wrote all of that about an hour ago, and she just woke up about 20 minutes ago asking for pizza. It didn’t taste quite right to her (which is normal) so, she tried some soup I had in the mini-fridge. She only had a few spoonfuls and a couple of noodles, but how’s that for the power of prayer and positive thinking?!?

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