Thursday, July 26

Cecylia is doing better today! She is not quite ready to go home, because she still has a fever. It is a lot lower (only 100.9), but still too high for her to go home. She has to be below 100.5 for 24 hours before she can be released. All of her cultures have come back ok, so they are not really sure the cause of the fevers. They are still treating with antibiotics, but it could actually just be due to the tumor itself. We are hoping and praying that as the tumor gets smaller and the chemo does its job, these fevers and her appetite will improve! She woke up today in great spirits. She was teasing and joking. She asked for breakfast. She only ate a few bites, but it is encouraging that she was interested! She also asked to go to the playroom, she only stayed for a few minutes, but it was her idea instead of ours for once! Today is a lot better day for everyone (most importantly Cecylia), so thanks for the prayers! Keep them coming, I really feel like all of your love, prayers, and positive thoughts help!

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