Friday, July 27

Well, Cecylia has not had a fever since late last night.  Which, Is why we are still here tonight (fever free 24 hours). She and I had a hard night sleeping. She woke up a lot with bad dreams and told me this morning that she was crying because she’s mad at the hospital :( Can’t say that I blame her and I am actually happy that she is able to share her feelings. On the other hand,, this was one of her best days yet! Her appetite is getting better, with a lot of help from people bringing her anything she wants (carrot cake, another burrito, and substiuting Carnation as her beloved chocolate milk)! She had a lot of fun playing with some play dough Ainsley made for her in the playroom. She also was allowed to leave the floor today. We went “shopping” downstairs and she got to pick something out. She picked a musical ballerina! Ainsley continues to enjoy the activities offered here. She came to visit in the morning and evening, so we had a lot of family time. which made us all feel better. Thank you for your continued support and kind words! Keep the prayers coming our way! I am hoping for a fever free, full night’s sleep. The nurses here are awesome and they know how upset Cecylia gets during vitals in the middle of the night, so they are just going to stick with the heart monitors and temperature and try to skip the blood pressure. It seems simple to us, but Cecylia hates it in the middle of the night. During the day she tolerates it if she gets to hold my hand. Hopefully, tomorrow will be another good day!

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