Tuesday, July 31

Cecylia had her chemo yesterday, because she had a little rash. It turns out she has a virus and that might be a reason for her fevers. She hasn’t had one since late Sunday night. She reacted fine to the chemo, just a couple of side effects, but under control. Today, we had the cardiology appointment and the tumor is smaller! It was measuring at 4.2 sq. cm. on July 20 and now it is 3.6 sq. cm. The doctor said this is great progress. There is also no longer any pressure on the wall of her heart! Great news! Cecylia also let me cut some of her hair today, so she is starting to accept the hair loss. Please keep Cecylia and Ainsley in your thoughts and prayers, the positivity (with a little help from chemo:) is working!

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  1. Carol Harper says:

    Val and family, I am so happy with all this good news. We will keep up our prayers! Try to have a nice family weekend. Carol Harper

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