Thursday, August 2

Cecylia has been struggling with her appetite, but it is getting better today! She wanted Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet and ate quite a bit (for her). She was never a big eater anyway. She had some pizza, a bread stick, and peaches. Only a few bites of each, but it’s a start. Jeff and I explained to her this morning that there are some things she can choose and some she can’t. She still won’t get her hair cut shorter (even though it is coming out in gobs), but that is her choice. But, other choices are out of our hands because she has to stay healthy. She can choose what she wants to eat, but she has to eat something. She has to take her medicine, but she can choose what we mix it with. It seems to be helping today, we will see what tomorrow holds. But, on that note, we have gotten a lot of great advice lately and I am happy to be reminded that I just have to live in the moment right now, and not worry too much about tomorrow until its actually here :) Thank you for your continued prayers, positive thoughts, meals, and cards for the girls. Until you are in this position, you never know how much it really lifts us up! We are so lucky to have such great family and friends!

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