Cecylia’s Story

Cecylia in April 2012

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for our Cecylia! We can not thank you enough for all your support! We are truly blessed to have the friends and family we do!

We’ve created this website to keep friends and family updated. We can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate your prayers, support, and words of hope and encouragement during this time!

On July 12, I took Cecylia, my (then) 3 year old, to the doctor because she had fevers and I was thinking she had a virus. Her pediatrician didn’t like how distended her stomach looked so she sent us to R.O. Beaumont for an x-ray. From there, the doctors wanted an ultra-sound, and after that the bad news started. They admitted my little girl and started prepping her for a CT scan. The next morning, Cecylia had a biopsy and a port put in so that they can start her chemo. That evening we heard that it is, officially, a Stage 4 Wilms Tumor. After what felt like a lot of waiting, we found out on Monday, July 16, that the kind of Wilms Tumor it is, is considered “Favorable Histology” (that is the best of the four options).

After her first six weeks of chemo, Cecylia had a CT scan. They were able to see that her left lung was now clear of cancer. However, the tumor on her kidney was too large to remove at that time, and her right lung still had two small nodules (5 mm) that needed to be removed. That surgery was performed at Mott’s Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor on September 4. The pathology showed that less than 5% of these tiny nodules were still active cancer cells. That information meant that Cecylia would have radiation to her lungs and start a harder chemo regimen.

Cecylia had very extensive surgery on November 1 at Mott’s Children’s Hospital. The tumor was still in her IVC (the main vein attached to the heart), so the doctors had to do open heart bypass surgery in order to make sure that the tumor was completely removed from that vein. They also removed her kidney and the rest of the tumor. The pathology on this tumor was good – it was close to 100% necrotic (or dead) so the chemo worked really well. Cecylia had more radiation, but this time to her abdomen after this surgery.

Cecylia finished chemo on April 11, 2013. Cecylia is now getting ready to turn 6 years old and is getting ready for her 2 year off treatment scan.

I want everyone to pray hard and send positive thoughts for my little girl and her sister. Cecylia is a great big sister to our Ainsley, our almost 5 year old. They are only one year and a day apart, so they are best friends. We would like daily prayers and positive thoughts for Cecylia to remain cancer-free and for Ainsley to remain emotionally healthy. I will be updating this blog so that you will know what is going on, and so you know what to pray for!

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7 Responses to Cecylia’s Story

  1. Sue Fraser says:

    Hello Valerie, I know your Mom, Michaeline from Pintura (I am the manager there ). As a grandma of 3 little ones, my heart broke as she told me Cecylia’s story. I just wanted to let you know I will keep her in my prayers.
    Sending love, stregnth and healing light to the family.

    Sue Fraser

  2. Crystal Payne says:

    Val and Weeks family! We are here to support you and let you know that you are always in our daily prayers and wish the best for you and your family!! xo

  3. Carolyn Karwowski says:

    I lost contact because I was on vacation…those darn cell phones. It’s good to hear that the heart tumor has shrunk and that Cecelia is tolerating the chemo good. So glad to be able to hear the good news. Always in Prayer, never stopped, never loose faith…even though you could be lost without a phone.
    Take care, Love, Carolyn

  4. Sheila Messing says:

    Dear Cecylia and Family,

    Julianne and Patrick are friends of ours. This is the first time I’ve visited the website, but I do see some updates here and there. My son, Luke, and I pray for you almost every morning on our way to school and also whenever God brings you and your family to mind. Your family has wonderful support and God is giving you the strength you need to walk through this rough road. He has great plans for you and it will be so wonderful to see that as you grow. Stay strong! Love and prayers.

  5. Daniel, Maria Prevost and family says:

    Val-I remember you as a beautiful little girl living down our street, playing with my children. Your daughter is a charm and a beauty, just like you! We just found out of all you have been going thru and my heart is pained of all your suffering. We will keep you, and your family in our prayers. I believe God will lighten your load! I believe in miracles! I believe in a strong cookie!

  6. Kendra McConnell Hurd says:

    Prayers of thanksgiving in advance for a perfect recovery and victory for you all!

  7. Nita mellon says:

    You are in our prayers and we pray for a good outcome stay strong ,positive vibes are so essential . Will keep watching for future reports.Nita Mellon

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