Friday, August 3

Just a quick update, Cecylia had a great day today! Everyone has been with us so far through some pretty tough times, so I like to have the opportunity to share with you that she’s had a nice, boring, regular day! She is eating pretty well, keeping up with her fluids, and was outside in her bathing suit. She just kind of hung out close to be sprinkler, but it was great to see her having fun with her sister. Ainsley continues to be a great sister, treating Cecylia with equal parts caring and teasing. She is the perfect little sister to help Cecylia when she needs it and tease her a little to help Cecylia act like her old self! Of course, thank you for your support! I would like to give a shout out to all of those that are helping us, but then I would probably forget someone. So, you all know who you are because even just reading this blog is helping us :) and THANK YOU!
Please keep up the prayers and positive thoughts – we really can feel the love!
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