Sunday, May 5

We had an awesome day at Greenfield Village today. I’m still a total germ-phobe (I was long before Cecylia’s diagnosis and will continue to be one as she continues to get healthier), but it was so nice to not have to worry about any counts as she did different activities today. Not worrying about low platelets or neutrophils was so nice!

I will also say that this cancer experience has changed me as I am out enjoying life. We were at an event today with tons of families and I found myself noticing things I wouldn’t have before: an autistic child struggling on the carousel, a little girl in a wheelchair, a little boy with hearing aides, a young girl who’s hair was growing back in (her sister and mom had long hair and hers was super short under a ball cap – not sure exactly what was going on). I am a teacher and I grew up with an aunt that was impaired (and with an awesome grandma that raised my Aunt Diane in her home at a time when people just sent relatives “away”) so I’m not sure if I would have completely missed these families with special kids before, but I definitely noticed and reflected on it today.

I never try to compare different experiences in terms of what’s worse or harder, because you really can’t compare people’s experiences or know what life is like for others. But, it was interesting to think about other families having problems that they needed to overcome just like us. It’s hard no matter what obstacle is in your child’s way, but we are all just trying to help our kids enjoy life on a beautiful spring day! This experience has made me super paranoid and scared all the time, but it’s also made me appreciative of just how precious life is!

We are still waiting to hear back from the surgeons and what their opinions are of the spot they are watching on Cecylia’s CT scan… so please keep praying that they are happy with Cecylia’s results!

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  1. Carolyn Karwowski says:

    Your family has definitely been given crosses to bear…and you’ve kept your faith to get through it. You should be proud of yourself and definitely proud of cycelia for having the strength to endure. Your need for prayers are still warranted for her to stay without infection and remain healthy with good counts…and we will keep sending prayers your way! Love, Carolyn

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