Wednesday, May 8

Awesome phone call today! The surgeon started with, “It’s all good news!” I really just want to thank God for this moment. I am so happy for my little girl! I have been praying for her healing, but also praying for the Lord to work through modern medicine and doctors.

The doctors are satisfied enough with these last scans, that Cecylia does not need any more imaging until August. There was a time when they wanted to follow up with an ultra sound in June. I asked a lot about this, but the surgeon that she has at U of M is considered an expert in the United States at dealing with Wilms tumors and he feels that it’s not necessary. Actually, they even said that they could remove Cecylia’s port before her scans in August! Cecylia currently takes an IV medication as a preventative measure against pneumonia, so if we can get her to start taking the oral medication the port can come out!

The next thing that needs to happen is her follow up concerning her heart rhythm. We have an appointment at Mott later this month to ensure she doesn’t need a pacemaker and then we can breathe! The doctors are pretty sure this won’t be necessary, but I am waiting to get past this last thing before heading back to work.

I’m not worrying about this appointment tonight, though. Tonight, I am enjoying the good news that Cecylia is cancer free! Please keep praying for no pacemaker and no cancer EVER :)!

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2 Responses to Wednesday, May 8

  1. Kristin says:

    Just heard the good news at the library! HOORAY! We are so happy to hear this. Can’t wait to see the girls at the library soon. xoxo

  2. Jen Teal says:

    We are so excited for all of you today! We’ll continue to hold you in prayer, but what incredible news!
    The Teal Family

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