Thursday, May 16

Cecylia is doing great! We went to Mott on Tuesday for Cecylia’s follow-up concerning her heart. She does not need a pacemaker – yay! She doesn’t have any symptoms, so there really isn’t anything they need to do right now. They did an EKG and we just finished a 24 hour heart monitor so that the doctors at U of M could see how her heart does over a day. She has no physical restrictions.

Cecylia has been getting stronger, more energetic, and hungrier with each passing day! I think she out-ate Ainsley (and that’s saying something)!

Phew, it’s crazy to finally be on this side of the journey. I felt like we’d never get here, but here we are! I’m going to start back to work after Memorial Day, and finally get back another piece of my “normal”. I was going to go back this week, but then the heart questions popped up and the first appointment we could get at Mott was for this week. I wanted to make sure we were past all of that and any possibilities of a procedure (and healing time) for a pacemaker.

I had a really reflective moment today. I cleaned out my closet (literally). This was the place I’ve been keeping things since Cecylia got sick. I looked through all the cards that I saved (I saved them all) and had a big cry. It was unreal to read the cards from when she was first diagnosed. I cannot believe how far we’ve come. I was a totally different person then. I just want to say thank you to everyone that supported us in any way! Your kind words, prayers, meals, care packages, and financial support really made this horrific experience bearable. You really have no idea what a difference you made in our lives! People ask us how we did it, but we made is through with the grace of God and the support from our incredible network of friends and family. Thank you a million times over.

Now, my nightly prayer is that Cecylia never has to face cancer again! I also pray for a lot of you that I’ve connected with along the way. When I see a call for prayer on Facebook, I take it seriously, because so many of you have done that for my Cecylia! So, please know that I pray and thank God for all of you daily.

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