Thursday, May 30

Things are chugging along. I am back at work and really enjoying it. Of course, it helps that there’s only 11 school days left before I’m done for the summer. But, it feels really good to be back with my students. Cecylia and Ainsley are totally fine with me working (I don’t know if that makes me happy or sad!). Of course, it helps that Jeff is home with them during the day. He arranged his schedule to work all nights. So, we don’t see each other, but the girls are happy and that’s the most important thing.

The girls are doing great right now. They are just happy healthy girls! Cecylia is continuing to gain weight and strength. We just found out yesterday that she will be finished with her occupational therapy soon! She has gotten a lot of her strength back in her arms and hands. She will continue with physical therapy through the summer and then be reevaluated. She has nerve damage in her ankles and needs to continue to work on getting stronger. All in all, she is moving right along.

Please continue to pray for the emotional well being of my girls – I am so happy with how happy they are lately. And, of course, please pray that cancer never comes back!

I send my love and thanks to you all! I will keep posting happy (boring!) news about the girls every once in a while. I’m so thankful we had so much support in the hard times – I hope you don’t mind if I keep sharing during the good times. I think you all deserve to hear the good stuff after helping us get through the tough stuff!

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5 Responses to Thursday, May 30

  1. Angel Mary says:

    I have grown to love these little girls. I would be very disappointed if I couldn’t hear about the good days. I have been instructed by Chemo Angels to taper off over the next 4 to 6 weeks with my correspondence. This is really hard for me. I am so pleased and thankful to the good Lord that Cecylia has graduated from the program and I will pray that she continues to improve and stay cancer free. I am so glad that I can read about her and her beautiful family on FB. Love, Angel Mary

  2. Charlene Knight says:

    keep me posted I am very happy for Cecylia’s recovery and would like to keep up with her journey. still keeping everyone in prayer. Blessings

  3. Doug Hart says:

    I’m a friend of Justin’s (actually father-in-law of Mike Malley, who is best friends with Justin) and have been following our blog for months. I have been praying for your whole family and I’m so glad that things are going much better for all of you lately. I will continue to pray for great health results for Cecelia and that your lives continue to move to a more “normal” mode.

  4. Doug Hart says:

    I’m sorry; had a typo. That should have read “your blog”. The “y” got left off.

  5. Mary Johnson says:

    I know Grandpa Bob through work (I’m in Nebraska). He asked for prayers some time ago so I put the request out on our prayer chain at church. It is wonderful to hear all the good news. Your posts mean a lot to all of us – they’re not boring! God is good and it’s wonderful to praise Him for His goodness! Thank you for sharing all the news!

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