December 26, 2013

I haven’t written on here in a very long time! Things have been going very well here at the Weeks household. Both girls are doing well. Our only problem has been how busy we’ve been. We have ballet, gymnastics, karate, and physical therapy going on all week and it’s crazy! We are a little over extended and I did adjust the schedule for after the new year, but it was hard to say no when Cecylia wanted to do so much. She seems to have boundless energy and I think she is just trying to make up for last year.

We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with our entire family. Our family all lives close, so we had a marathon of stops to make, but it was great spending time with everyone. This girls loved every minute of it, they love their family so much!

Jeff and I are excited to be planning a basketball game to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Jeff is friends with the coach from Bloomfield Hills High School (which happens to be the school district in which I teach) and he has helped us to take over one of their games and raise funds for CureSearch. We are so excited to be giving back. We are also on the committee to help organize the CureSearch Walk in September. Between these things, the girls’ activities, and working full time you can see why I haven’t been on here much. Half the time, Jeff finds me sleeping in one of the girls beds because I fell sleep putting them to sleep. It feels good to be busy in this way. When I look back to last year we were busy with doctor appointments, hospital stays, and other junky experiences.

I have a lot of feelings that I haven’t shared on this site in a while and I think that’s because they’re just too complicated to get into. I am really doing fine, but pediatric cancer really changes who you are as a parent. I worry about it coming back all the time, I worry about how this experience may have affected the girls emotionally, I worry that I bring up pediatric cancer in conversations too much, I worry a lot. As much as this blog has been a place for me to vent, share, and release me feelings, lately I just can’t get into my feelings because (at the end of the day) I kind of don’t want to think about them anymore. I’ve continued to post pics and updates on the Facebook page, but I feel a little guilty for anyone that’s been following along on here and hasn’t heard anything in awhile. I know many people continue to pray for Cecylia and I am so thankful for that! So thank you, please keep praying that her “mean cells stay away” and I will try to get on here a little more often to share news about how well she and her sister are doing.

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  1. Charlene Knight says:

    It is always nice to hear from you and get updates on the girls. I am so appreciative of the Lords healing power confirmed and it drives us that pray to do more of it for those in need. Don’t listen to those insecurities that plague your mind. Be assured of God’s blessings and live in his Hope! Also the more I discover and learn about the word of God those insecurities are from satan (he is the god of this world) attempting to take the joy and graditude out of the love of Jesus Christ that was bestowed on your family. I continue to pray for that sweet little girl and think of them both a lot. Blessings & Happy New Year…Charlene

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