Wednesday, October 1, 2014

As September (Childhood Cancer Awareness Month)comes to a close, I have to reflect on the support system that has been with us for over two years! I’m so very thankful for everyone that supported us at the CureSearch walk this year and in all the months and events leading up to this fundraiser. Thank you to all of you that donated and/or walked with us – it was amazing to raise more than $10,000 for pediatric cancer research.

I feel very fortunate that my family and friends make such a huge effort to understand what we have and are going through. Cecylia is doing so well, she is happily enjoying jazz class, soccer practices, and kindergarten. You would really never guess what her body went through a short time ago.

Next week, Cecylia has her 18 month off treatment scans. Please say some extra prayers in the coming days. Please pray that Cecylia remains cancer free. I also need prayers for myself – I am super stressed this time around. I am certain we will hear nothing but good news next week, but I am having a lot of anxiety right now and could use any and all positive thoughts and prayers. Please also pray that the IV poke that goes along with the CT scan will be bearable for Cecylia – these pokes always stress her out!

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