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Cecylia just a few weeks before her diagnosis
Cecylia at a park for Father's Day
Watching a puppet show at Greenfield Village
Swimming at Grammie and Papa's this summer
Our family at Uncle Ryan and Aunt Alison's wedding on May 19, 2012
Our family at Trick or Treat Trail !
Daddy and Cecylia !!
Santa and Cecylia reading her letter to him !
Ainsley and Cecylia at the beginning of this year
Daddy painting our nails !
Sarah and Ainsley !
Sisters !
Bloomfield Hills teachers show their love and support !
Oakland Diamonds Roller Derby team show their supoort !
Cecylia and Mom cuddling at the hospital
Cecylia trying on her flower girl halo in April 2012
Cecylia as a flower girl!
Cecylia and Uncle Ryan at Greenfield Village Fireworks in 2011
Uncle Greg and Daddy shaved their heads to support Cecylia!
Cecylia and Mom at the hospital
Ainsley, Cecylia, and Daddy at the Clawson's Farmer's Market
Cecylia when she first cut off all of her hair
On our way to the Clawson Car Show
Cecylia in the 4th of July Kiddie Parade in 2012
Cecylia has a great smile!
Cecylia after she stole her Grammie's heart (it's the keychain in her hand :)
Reading to Papa and Mom !
Ainsley and Cecylia had their faces painted, April 2012
Cecylia and Ainsley playing with legos !
Cecylia at the hospital, just relaxing
Daddy and his princess !
Uncle Justin and Kenneth with Cecylia wearing their purple pinky shirts they designed for her !
Having a tea party in the fresh air !
Hanging with Ainsley !
Coloring with Ainsley at Motts !
Swimming with Papa !
Family photo at Yates Cider Mill 9/29
Reading books with best friend and sister !
Mom and Dad with Cecylia at Motts after surgery !
Face painting at Yates
Best friends and sisters !!!
The day before her sugery at Mott !
Uncle Ryan and Cecylia reading books together !
Uncle Ryan and the girls !
At the zoo !
Mani Pedi kinda day !
Cecylia and Ainsley picking out their face paintings !
Fance painting at the Halloween Bash !
Cecylia and Ainsley enjoying Didney on Ice !
Great smile !
This speaks for itself !
Purple pinky going to college !
Valerie and Ainsley !
Lots of purple pinkies !
Mom and daughter purple pinkies !
Cecylia being silly at home!
Disney on Ice !!!
Mommy with her girls at Greenfield Village
Sisters !!!

2 Responses to Photo Gallery

  1. Gina and Dale LaCroix says:

    I was happy to meet you this morning and deliver Cecylia’s quilt. She is a special little girl and has her family and friends prayers and support. All the best, God is watching over you.

  2. Marlene Yago says:

    It was great seeing Jeff and Ainsley at the Library on Tuesday. If you ever need a baby sitter don’t hesitate to ask. My kids had fun at the library with Ainsley and we would love to watch her and play with her if you want or need a little break.
    Love Always,
    You guys are doing so great! I know you will beat that cancer!

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