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  1. Mavi Martinez-Villalobos says:

    Hi Cecylia, my name is Mavi and I am friends with your mommy’s very good friend Nicole Mier from El Paso, Texas. I think you are such a wonderful little girl with such great strength…you are a true SUPER GIRL! I have a 7 month old daughter that has a beautiful smile just like yours…we both wish you the very best and would love to see some more beautiful pictures of you…your hats are so lovely :)
    Know that we pray for you each day, we send you best wishes from El Paso!!!

  2. Crystal Payne says:

    Thoughts and prayers of you all each and everyday!!May you stay strong and positive and always remember that you have amazing friends and family to support you for anything that you may need! Your an amazing family! Love Crystal and David Payne

  3. Maria Alma Morales says:

    Hello little lady, I am 29 years oldlater and my name is Alma. Im from El Paso, TX and came across your story over the internet. I have to commend you for the strength you have shown since your diagnose. You are very brave Cecylia and I admire that so much in you. I am glad to read your doctors are pleased with your progress. I have a 5 yr old son and when I see your beautiful smile, it reminds me of him. May God continue to bless you in this battle and I cant wait to read you have kicked its butt :-). Much love and prayers your way princess.

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