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  1. Beth Akers says:

    Hi Val,
    Thanks so much for emailing the work address! Since I don’t do Facebook… I know I need to get into the grove… You will be in my prayers daily and we will pray for you and your family at our church. I’ve walked your path with my youngest when she was four – not with cancer but she was hit by a car. Your world gets turned upside down and you learn to treasure each and every day. When you feel down, remind yourself that you are surrounded by prayers. Take courage!

  2. courtney & marilyn kruk says:

    i don’t know what else to say except, what an amazing little girl! i can’t imagine the bravery that you all possess, cecylia especially. as a new parent, i sometimes have a hard time making it through our typical, healthy days. this really puts things into perspective (thank you for such), and your little girl is SO blessed to have such strong parents. hope your most recent “down time” was enjoyable for all of you. praying & keeping our fingers crossed for you guys!

  3. Kayla Budd says:

    Hi Val and Jeff, it’s Kayla from down the street! I have been keeping up with updates and it’s great that Cecylia and everyone else is still doing okay! I actually have a question about my interact group at school, which is a group that works in the community and does fundraisers to help out when they can! You don’t have to rush back to reply, but whenever you get a chance you can email me or call so I can talk to you further about this! Glad everyones getting over the flu and prayers that things continue to get better for your family!

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